Ugh Terrible Week

Hey guys. Not much has happened. Sorry for not posting for a while. I just had a competition. Didn’t do that great. And my mom hasn’t yelled at me. Strange. I think my coach told her not to yell at me. And it’s scaring me. Oh well. Hope I do better next competition. I need to work harder. Ok. Bye. 


Pretty Fireworks…on TV

Hello again. Haven’t posted in a while. Busy busy. Anyways, I’ve just been pretty stressed with summer assignments and a competition coming up. Yep. And one day I didn’t have that great of a lesson. My mom blew up. And lectured me. And took away my phone. And computer. Because of one practice. Yeah.

Well did you guys have a nice Fourth of July? Haha I didn’t. Nope. Not one bit. For some reason my mom was in a terrible mood. (I really don’t know why, I actually skated good that morning.) She was fine in the morning. But in the afternoon she was so mad. It was scary. And I was gonna walk with my friends to see the fireworks. She absolutely refused. For no reason. She made me do some conditioning exercises to make me stronger. And I watched the Macy’s Fireworks on TV. Yep. Well that was my Independence Day for ya. Hope you guys had a better holiday than I did. Well, thanks for reading.

~ K

Fried Food and New Hats

Hello there. So, yesterday was a really fun day because I wen to a fair with some of my best friends ever. We walked around a lot, went on the ski lift, almost died because I hate heights, went on rides, walked around some more, looked at stuff, watched some parrots, ate lots of food, and my friend won a giant duck. Yep. Huge. Taller than her. Fun fun. I ate so much food. A funnel cake, fried oreos (not bad), and a bunch of fruit and other food that I brought. It was pretty hot, but not as hot as I thought it would be, I put on like 3 layers of sunblock and it wasn’t even that sunny. I got a new snapback hat. 😛 Fun day. 🙂 Today, I skated and went to my figure skating club meeting/lunch thing. Good food. And that’s it. Thanks for reading!!

~ K

Resting Days

Hola everyone. Well, I have been resting my back for a week and it’s feeling a lot better. I’m going back on the ice tomorrow so hopefully everything turns out alright. All I’ve been doing is sleeping, eating, listening to music, icing my back, on the internet, tumblr, twitter, youtube, facebook, etc, and reading. Yep, I’m so productive. So, for the past two days I’ve been hanging out with Tofu. Lol so much fun. Yesterday, we went to get pho and boba, we watched this Korean movie called A Werewolf Boy (maybe youv’e heard of it, it’s so good and sad), got Starbucks, walked around, watched B.A.P. on Youtube while eating Takis, and took a bunch of fail pictures. She ended up sleeping over. Haha. And we stayed up til 2 this morning and woke up at 11. Well, actually we woke up earlier but we were too lazy to get out of bed. 😛 And then we got Jamba Juice and went back and hung out and talked some more. So pretty, relaxing week and I should be back on the ice tomorrow. Oh and another thing, I feel bad because Panda invited me to listen to his band (a lot more people were invited not just me) and I don’t think many people went. I wanted to support him, but I couldn’t. I wanted to see him perform though. Oh well, maybe another time. Thanks for reading.

~ K

Terrible Timing

Well, I just had the worst weekend ever. And it’s not even officially the weekend. Ugh. Wow. So, I was supposed to compete this weekend. Guess who injured their back because she was being an idiot. This girl. That’s right. Talk about terrible timing. Oooooh alliteration. Am I right? Orrrrr…yep yep. So now my coaches aren’t letting me compete because I can barely jump and spin. Wonderful. I know right. Sigh. And you have no idea how disappointed I am. Oh well. It’s okay. The important thing is to get myself healed in time for the next competition. I mean this is only temporary. Right? And I shouldn’t let this get the better me. It’s only one competition, not even that big. Sigh. Okay. Oh and lol so we found a 99 Ranch Market here and basically raided it and stocked up on a bunch of Asian snacks. Mhmmmm yummy. We were mainly there to get Tiger Balm, you know, the really smelly stuff that a bunch of old people use? Yeah, that. And right next to it was this super cute Asian Japanese store. So many cute stuff. Okay. Well that’s it. Hopefully I heal fast. Fighting!!

~ K

Laziness is Contagious

Hey guys, so like I have nothing eventful to share. I’m sorry if you’re disappointed. All I did was skate, wear my dress, eat, sleep, skate some more, eat some cupcakes like the fattie I am and sleep. I really should be organizing my closet though. But, I’m too lazy. Lol. And my sis is just watching TV. Yep, like I said, laziness is very contagious. So, all I’ve been doing was going on Tumblr, Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, Skype, Wanelo, Yesstyle, and listening to kpop.Yes, I am so productive. 😛 I should probably start reading books, and do my summer assignments for my AP classes, but again, I am too lazy. Yes, very lazy. Okay, well I’m done. K bye. Thanks for reading.

~ K

Father’s Day

Hello there. Okay, well first of all, Happy Father’s Day to all you dad’s out there. It may not seem like it sometimes, but all of us are so grateful to have you in our lives, and we wouldn’t be where we are today if it weren’t for your love and support. 🙂

So here’s how my day went today. You see, because we are selling our house, we need to get rid of stuff. Lots of stuff. So, we had a garage sale. Yay. And you know me, I don’t sleep til like 2 AM. So this morning wasn’t a very pleasant one. You see, my mom said the night before, oh yeah I’m going to wake up early, you can just sleep in. Me: Sweet. Okay. So I sleep. And my mom wakes me up and says come on, I have to set up. Unless you just want to stay here? Me: yeah I think I’ll stay. Her: hurry up and get your butt out of bed so you can help me with the garage sale. Me: …..ugh. Fine. So, yes, I was in a terrible mood this morning. And the weather didn’t help. We had to hang posters first, then set up. And, it was so tiring, I had to bring so much stuff down and help people. Exhausted.

Then, me and my sister had to walk a little bit to the library where our dad was going to pick us up. (My mom couldn’t leave the sale.) And it was alright from there. We ate at The Cheesecake Factory where I had steak and a milkshake. Yum, so good. And then we went around a mall. Not much stuff I wanted, I don’t know, I’m very, VERY picky when it comes to my style and fashion and the clothes I wear. Yeah…so not much. And then me, my sis, and my dad got some boba, omg so good and then we watched…wait for it…MAN OF STEEL. OMG. OMG. OMG. AHHHHHH. THAT MOVIE. MY FEELS. It was actually pretty good. I wasn’t disappointed. However, there was a few things missing that I wish were there. Like oh, I don’t know, maybe a few more details about Krypton? And why were the people in the movie just staring at the flying ship? Here’s a suggestion. R. U. N. RUN. Yep. Geez, so unrealistic sometimes. But all in all, a pretty good movie. And OMG. Henry Cavill in that movie. Hawt, if I do say so myself. Looking pretty smexy in that cape of his. 😛 Lol.nOkay I’m done. And that’s pretty much it. I feel sort of sick though for some reason. I don’t why. But I have a sore throat, a cough, a stuffy nose. Hmmmm…cold symptoms? Oh well. Ugh. Okay well, bai bai. Thanks for reading!!

~ K